Friday, 25 February 2011

Wish list

TOPSHOP maxi dress 
   YSL massive silver ring
Valentino Garavanti Floral Rucksack

Jill Sander 2011 Printed dress
Oh, this items are so gorgeous! If i manedged to save some money till summer i will definetly buy this TOPSHOP dress and YSL ring, because as for me they willlook amazing with ma heavy boots and leather jacket. But it is nithing more but dreaming about last two items, this rucksack makeme feel jealous to somebody who has it! And the dress is my favourite for Jill Sander collection, however i like the whole think abou this bright colours and simple silhouettes, but I will tell more about my impressiom of kill Sander's collection, because i'm so inspired that it must be a special post. 

I need a room with a view An armchair by the window

   Having escaped fromtwo lessons at the university, I've decided to go to IKEA to by a frame to make a collage, but suddenly i've found this gorgeous glass and have bought it on the spot) Then I had a nice dinner, i coulgn't help eating this super delicious cinnamon bakery(oh,i'm sooo bad). So, now I'm at home eating my favourite from the childhood biscuits (i'm certainly not going to be the face of ther pr company(look at this photo!)), and look throughthe magazines to find pictures formy collage)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Train train Come and gone My rum coco My cold empty

Super tasty Ginger Ale.

My favoutite chocolate ever!

Oh, I'm sooo exhausted today, it wat too hard at the university! So, I will only eat chinies food and watch Sex in the city. As for me it is perfect end of the day. 

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The killer's breed or the demon's seed, The glamour, the fortune, the pain

   Days off are always pleasant, but ir is getting even better when you are wandering the mall and suddenly find something you've been searching for a relly long time. For me it was a perfect pair of grey jeans. They fit like a glove and look little bit rock'n'chic, because of these funny rivets, i'm completely in love with them! Thank you, River Island! So,after it i decided to go and drink my favourite double cappuccino and eat a fantastic caramel cheescake! I also bought some journals and a book I've wanted for a long time, so now I'm charged with a good mood and ready to fight with a huge number of my homework!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Memory comes when memory's old I am never the first to know Following the stream up North Where do people like us float

I haven't posted for a very long time, because there was so much stuff to do, but from tyhis moment i promise to do it at least two times a week. But sorry, there won't be my photoes still, because mycamera is still broken and besides i have nobody to do really cool photoes(

So, I'm going to Finlanf the next week and here comes my list what to bay,i've desided to make it beacause sometimes i feel like out of control)) They all are black,because for nowit is my favourite colour, and i have a very clear idea what i'm gonna wear this spting/summer, oh i can't wait it! And I promise to do my last shopping post tomorrow)) Andprobably i'll try to take some look photoes with my poor camera))
PS I'm totally in love with this song)