Monday, 21 February 2011

Memory comes when memory's old I am never the first to know Following the stream up North Where do people like us float

I haven't posted for a very long time, because there was so much stuff to do, but from tyhis moment i promise to do it at least two times a week. But sorry, there won't be my photoes still, because mycamera is still broken and besides i have nobody to do really cool photoes(

So, I'm going to Finlanf the next week and here comes my list what to bay,i've desided to make it beacause sometimes i feel like out of control)) They all are black,because for nowit is my favourite colour, and i have a very clear idea what i'm gonna wear this spting/summer, oh i can't wait it! And I promise to do my last shopping post tomorrow)) Andprobably i'll try to take some look photoes with my poor camera))
PS I'm totally in love with this song)

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