Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Know that you're sore and sick and sad for some reason,

Hard times has come! - as my daddy says, and it annoys me sooo much that I have to stay at home at study some stupid stuff for my exams. grrrr....But! This weekend was b'day of SPb so I went walking, it was quite boring and ordinary - parade, weather....But I visited an awesome place! "Chez Jules" cafe, it is situated in Ganguzskaya street and quite small but soo cosy, you feel just like you come to have a dinner at friends' house.

Oh,as it turned out this two british guys are not only cute actors but moreover, they sing!

Friday, 27 May 2011

To lead a better life I need my love to be here...

After lessons I went fro a walk but I was soo hungry because I hadn't had anything since the very early morning, so I went to the first more or less nice cafe and it turned out to be a really cute place, with cosy sofas, fireplace, bookshelfs with lots of fake and real books on them and my favoutite keish. 

Now, it is my favourite song)
PS The name of the Cafe "Елесеевская Булочная"

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Last two days were reeeeaaaally crazy! We were working as volunteers at the intercultural forum, so as a result we ate at the luxery restourant all these days and the manager gave me flowers) cooool!

If there are cats and food no doubt I like it....part 1

I just need to make this post, because I've got so many blogs I like that my broweser is going mad and overfilled, so Here is the list ofblogs I like to look through when I've got time, they all about general lifestyle and art, because blogs about fashion is completely another topic...

Monday, 23 May 2011


At the moment I'm watching my favourite  series - "Misfits" and eat the best lollipops ever))
I think I'm in love)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

LAlalala lala laaaaa

In break  between roller skating and rashing from one museum to another I managed to buy smth I reeeely adore now)
Actually I bought it last Saturday while being in Moscow, butI couldn't help posting it I love this mug sooo much)

H&M rucksack, I've been looking for a quite big rucksack for a while, because I cant get my rollers into an old one because it is too small, and this one is pretty

I felt in love with this jumpsuit as soon as I saw it, I reckon it's so NYLON style) Love the print)

Crazy hazy days of may...

Oooh this two days were as crazy as i expected! Some photoes...I jast have no words)


Friday, 20 May 2011

TOP 10! songs of the week...

Today is oing to be really exiting and busy! First, I'm going to apend the day in a park to go roller-skating and I may stay by the lake for a picnic and feed ducks a little, then I'm going to do some shopping for some ASAP things, and then The Night in museums! I've already done my plan for this night and really lokking foward to starting)
So,here isthe TOP 10 List, as I promised it was expanded
Ellie Goulding – Your Song. At the moment it's my number 1, i've already listened to it for 50 time s!
Oh Land – Wolf & I. Just like it without a reason, it sounds bit like soundtrack for The Red Riding Hood, which I  dislike, bur the song is great!
Lady Gaga – Electric Chapel/ Myfavourite sonf from her new album
Lady Gaga – Bloody Mary.One more song from her new album)
Oh Land – Human
Ellie Goulding – Animal
Lady Gaga – Hair,ahaha seems like my list was expanded justbecause of Gaga's album out
Azure Ray – Wake Up, Sleepyhead
Fleet Foxes - Lorelei
Bahamas - Whole, Wide, World

I'm currently into....

As the number of my foreign followers increases I've decided to write in English, i may not be truly literate but I will make an effort) By the way, I need practise)
Here is the list of things I'm into at the moment: British accent - I try to copy it but all my efforts seem to be in vain(; Oxfords flats - I thinks it's the most fascinating kind of shoes I've ever worn!; Misfits series and this guy (can't rememver his name) and British boys (the accent!) in genetal); long walks - I've got used to walk for a reeeeally long distance!!!; Unicorns - particulary because of the book and the film I've just read and watched "The last Unicorn"; branches; Chloe Love perfume - my fav at the moment, little bit like granny and is probably for more mature lady but I love it!; ice cream - caneat it nonstop
 Coffee! - seems like I'm getting really coffe addicted!; old small european cities; dancing (especially when i'm on my own - i'm such a weirdo, i know); cats mrrr....; books - my room already looks like i library); oranges - it looks and tasty gorgeous; early mornings - i tend ro wake up at seven for a month, don't know what's wrong with me; jeans shorts - sooo cool and comfortable!

song of past couple of days)