Friday, 20 May 2011

I'm currently into....

As the number of my foreign followers increases I've decided to write in English, i may not be truly literate but I will make an effort) By the way, I need practise)
Here is the list of things I'm into at the moment: British accent - I try to copy it but all my efforts seem to be in vain(; Oxfords flats - I thinks it's the most fascinating kind of shoes I've ever worn!; Misfits series and this guy (can't rememver his name) and British boys (the accent!) in genetal); long walks - I've got used to walk for a reeeeally long distance!!!; Unicorns - particulary because of the book and the film I've just read and watched "The last Unicorn"; branches; Chloe Love perfume - my fav at the moment, little bit like granny and is probably for more mature lady but I love it!; ice cream - caneat it nonstop
 Coffee! - seems like I'm getting really coffe addicted!; old small european cities; dancing (especially when i'm on my own - i'm such a weirdo, i know); cats mrrr....; books - my room already looks like i library); oranges - it looks and tasty gorgeous; early mornings - i tend ro wake up at seven for a month, don't know what's wrong with me; jeans shorts - sooo cool and comfortable!

song of past couple of days)

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