Friday, 25 February 2011

Wish list

TOPSHOP maxi dress 
   YSL massive silver ring
Valentino Garavanti Floral Rucksack

Jill Sander 2011 Printed dress
Oh, this items are so gorgeous! If i manedged to save some money till summer i will definetly buy this TOPSHOP dress and YSL ring, because as for me they willlook amazing with ma heavy boots and leather jacket. But it is nithing more but dreaming about last two items, this rucksack makeme feel jealous to somebody who has it! And the dress is my favourite for Jill Sander collection, however i like the whole think abou this bright colours and simple silhouettes, but I will tell more about my impressiom of kill Sander's collection, because i'm so inspired that it must be a special post. 

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